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High Point Market Experience, from Hasan’s Rugs

Since this year’s High Point Market was our first experience under Hasan’s Rugs brand, it would not be an exaggeration to say that we were all a bit extra excited about it! On our side, the plans were made, the teams were set up in different departments, and we started getting ready for the market!

The best part of the preparation process for the market was choosing our precious rugs to take with us. As you could notice from the size of our inventory, the warehouse is even bigger! We would not want to miss any special rug, or any gorgeous collection and left them behind. Choose this, and that, especially those… We have taken around 1500 rugs with us to the Market! That makes 2 huge trucks! The woven beauties had a long way from NJ to NC, but overall, they were quite delightful about being displayed to the public.

We were all determined to make the best of the High Point Market experience. Instead of perceiving the 4-days long market as an extra workload, we have turned it into a team gathering where we have all developed, learned, and socialized as well, at this beautiful lake house. After feverish and fussy days with the handwoven beauties and their admirers at the market, we continued having fun and rest together while evaluating the day to uplift ourselves!

Well, to be honest, one of the challenging points as an exhibitor is to organize the space and decide the best way to exhibit our products. Our inventory 98% consists of handmade rugs, even though they are more durable and firmer, they are so special that they leave no other choice for us to treat them with delicacy. On the other hand, we were not alone in the market with every other exhibitor who was in a hectic mood mixed with excitement.


When the first day hit, we, somehow collectively, shone with the idea that it was all worth it! The guests were not different from the exhibitors when it comes to the excitement! Our team met many interior designers, with whom they established a strong business relationship. We were all quite happy with the feedback we get.


On the second day, we were all a bit more relaxed and expecting our guests. As the Hasan’s Rugs team, we could say that we were amazed by the crowd and the interest! Most of the amazing people we met were after something. Some were looking for a rug for their project, some for their own office or to display in their office.



The next two days, so to speak, time literally flew. We have formed good business relationships. We have met quite upbeat people who enhanced our experience. We were impressed by the interest in antique arts and proud to be a part of the business across the country. We also took our time to evaluate and assess our weaknesses and strengths, understood the needs of our clientele, strengthen our colleague relationships, and collected plenty of good memories!

One of the most frequently asked questions during our High Point Market 2022 experience was this banner, “The nation-wide white glove rug service”


Since 2018, we have changed the traditional operation of the rug business. The assessment process of our customers’ needs led us to an appointment system, in which we go to our clients’ homes ourselves. Since we started operating in this way, we got positive feedback, so we enhanced our working system. Right now, we have over 20 vans/trucks operating in the country, as well as Canada. In this service we provide, our clients just make an appointment with their floor plan, their favorite design and color, we carefully examine our inventory, and take the rugs, which they could be interested in, into their homes. Seeing the rug in the exact space eases the decision-making process and understanding whether the rug fits or not. 



If you want to make an appointment now, call us at 201-282-2028 or send us an email. 

 Below you can check out our most popular collections at the High Point Market.

Everything aside, as a writer’s opinion section, I think experiencing the whole High Point Market experience with my colleagues has been one of the best periods during my time at this lovely company! As if the regular times were not fun enough! You imagine!