How about Scandi-Boho?

scandi_boho_1Scandinavian design emerged in the 1930s, though really grew to popularity in the 1950s. It is characterized by minimalism, simplicity, and functionality. … Belonging to the school of modernism, Scandinavian design is a design movement characterized by a focus on functionalism and simplicity. It also includes the use of natural materials, such as leather, wood, and hemp.


The word “Bohemian” comes from the French word for “gypsy,” and it applies to those who live unconventional (usually artistic) lives. With bohemian style decor, more is more as this design style isn’t about empty surfaces and blank spaces – the look is all about indulgent maximalism.


The Scandinavian-bohemian design is a fashionable fusion of both. Whether you’re a sworn maximalist or a devoted minimalist. Two opposing styles to create a harmonious blend (if done right).

And believe it or not, they have things in common! The use of natural elements such as wood, woven baskets and skins. And giving life to spaces, plants are an essential element. The bigger and thicker, the better.

To design a home in the Scandi-Boho way, you can start with a white background and then work on in with different layers. 


The key is the mix&match of unique finds, vintage and ethnic objects, rare collectibles, rich fabrics,  rugs. But they are not just simply piled together randomly, their placement is carefully considered and often coordinated on a same palette or theme.




Unity with nature – that’s what Nordic interiors are all about, so be careful, don´t ruin the look with cheap details and synthetic textiles.