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People with weak heart and rug addicted souls please first take a deep breath and only then check this post!

It’s that time of the year where we have to clear inventory to make room for our new collection.

If you need a rug in your house and never had the time or opportunity to look for, found one but was too expensive, think about giving your loved ones a gift which is unique and incredible the same time, or just know that a hand made rug is always a good investment;

don’t miss the biggest tent sale of Hasan’s Rugs! Cuz this discount is huge ever!!




And we kinda had a heart attack when we saw the new babes coming into or stocks.

Oh my God! They are to die for!

These one of a kind beauties will get pictured first and will be added on our website as soon as possible.

They definitely can make any room look cozy and stylish!





Is a Creative Art Director and Retouch Artist.